DMK Creme Glace Brush C611201

$31.00 each

Apply the perfect amount of DMKC Creme Glace to the face to prepare the skin for DMKC Premier Foundation.

This elegant brush is specifically designed to deliver a smooth and even micro coat of DMKC Creme Glace to the face. It can also be used for foundation and correction on larger areas of the skin.

This brush is made with a bronze handle and the finest synthetic hair available: Toray. Synthetic Toray hair is the finest bristle for creme or wet makeup because of its spring and durability.

We use a synthetic hair in some of the brush designs because the technical procedure do not require natural hair. While other brushes are made using inexpensive takalon and nylon fiber.

The Creme Glace brush is packaged in a clear poly tube to preserve the brush intergrity and design. We recommend DMK Non-Flammable Brush Cleaner to be the safest and best brush cleaner to remove any makeup, and will leave your brush cleaned and sanitized.

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